Star Wars

Saga Edition Character


by David T. Gay


Condition Track
Adjust Hit Points

Medium wookie soldier 5/scout 3

Destiny 3 (destruction); Force 9

Languages Basic, Binary, Huttese, Shyriiwook

Atk Options Point Blank Shot (range 30 squares for rifles)

Special Actions Rage (1/day, for 8 rounds gain +2 rage bonus on melee attack and damage, after which -1 on condition track until he can rest 10 minutes)

Abilities Str 18, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 6

Talents Armored Defense, Evasion, Improved Armor Defense, Second Skin, Spotter

Feats Armor Proficiency (light, medium), Martial Arts I, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Shake It Off, Skill Training (Pilot), Vehicular Combat, Weapon Proficiency (advanced melee weapons, pistols, rifles, simple weapons)

Possessions bacta patches (3, same benefit as second wind), bandolier, bowcaster (improved accuracy, superior damage), bowcaster ammunition (20), butter knife lightsaber (for Niblet doll), ceremonial Avatar of Veroleem armor (+7 armor bonus to Reflex, +4 equipment bonus to Fortitude, move 4, fly 6, environmental seals [1 slot], gyrostablizer [1 slot], helmet package, liquid cable, protective armor tech upgrade, weapon jock for bowcaster), comlink (short-range), energy cells (6), glowrod, jet pack, jet pack fuel cell replacement, medpacs (3), Niblet doll, Niblet's lightsaber (improved damage, superior accuracy), ration pack (10), stun grenade, vibro dagger, vibro-ax, water (1 liter); Stored on ship bowcaster ammunition (10), jet pack fuel cell replacements (3), Krail 210 personal armor (gyrostabilizer [1 slot], radiation shielding [1 slot]), medpacs (22), spear, sporting blaster rifle, utility belt

Encumbrance 78.7 kg (Str 18 heavy load is 81 kg)

Credits 3,400


Freed from slavery

Bunnjjürro was taken from his family on Kashyyyk by trandoshan slavers at a young age. Put to work in the spice mines of Kessel, he grew strong and cunning. He made several attempts at escape, but the Imperial stormtroopers captured and whipped him each time. In his last attempt, he managed to transmit a distress call before he was taken. The Empire called in a Force inquisitor who gloated that he would rip apart Bunnjjürro's mind with psychic shards. But a sullustan Jedi had heard the distress call and arrived on Kessel in time to save Bunnjjürro.

Recovered the Fellstar

Thus the wookie came to owe a life debt to Niblet. Niblet introduced Bunnjjürro to his two Jedi companions, Keni Geonosis (a bith kloo horn player) and Dax Renfro (a clawdite). Together with the taciturn human soldier Tex Markup, the Jedi and Bunnjjürro traveled to Tatooine, where they undertook a mission for Prello the Hutt to recover a Sith artifact known as the Fellstar.

Met Dr. Sinaloa Slim

After giving Prello the Fellstar, Bunnjjürro, Niblet, and their companions were joined by two more Jedi, Skarr (a trandoshan), and Hale (a miraluka). Aboard Prello's starship, a Class 720 freighter (Ghtroc 720) dubbed The Rusty Kloo Horn, they travelled to Dantooine. The ship contracted a conduit worm, so it put in for repairs at an orbital space station where the group met Dr. Sinaloa Slim, an explorer from Oreen in the Unknown Regions. Sinaloa needed help recovering some Vendinax cat-dog-bears that had escaped his ship's hold and were running wild on the space station. Sadly, Niblet met his death, and the party committed his spirit to the Force in the ruins of an ancient Jedi temple on Dantooine.

Broke the Veroleem connection

Bunnjjürro and his friends learned of religious fanatics who had abducted a nobleman. They rescued the nobleman and tracked the religious fanatics to Veroleem, a planet in the Unknown Regions, where the fanatics concocted highly addictive drugs. Leaving the Rusty Kloo Horn in the Dantooine system, they travelled with Dr. Sinaloa Slim to Veroleem. There the group met the noble jawa Nugget Wing, who joined the party and later became the chief engineer aboard their ship. Even with Nugget's help, the next fight with the fanatics proved so deadly that Hale rejoined the Force. The ruthless dark side villains then attacked the uninvolved Sinaloa Slim while Bunnjjürro and the others hunted the fanatics' base, seeking to free a young woman and three other abductees. At last, the party found the base, freed the hostages, and destroyed the drug manufacturing facility, putting an end to the Veroleem connection once and for all. Dr. Sinaloa Slim recovered from his injuries and parted ways with the group on friendly terms.

Destroyed Saalo Morn

The fanatics worshiped Saalo Morn, an ancient and long-dead dark Force user. The party found Saalo Morn's tomb, where they fought and banished the ghost of the sinister dark Force user.

Explored the junk world

Returning to Dantooine, the party now came into possession of the newly-repaired Rusty Kloo Horn, which Prello no longer wanted. The group journeyed to Terminus, where they were joined by Jared Syn, an umbaran Jedi who had trained under Rone Kata. Learning of a jawa labor dispute on the junk planet of Raxus Prime, they journeyed there, and discovered a secret Imperial base. They destroyed several TIE fighters but were forced to flee.

Raided a star destroyer

Joining the Blue Kanaath Hounds, a pirate band, the party raided the Indomitable, a Gladiator-class star destroyer in orbit around the Nelvin homeworld. After successfully securing the star destroyer for the pirates, Bunnjjürro and his party went to the surface in search of crystals for light sabers. They fought a colony of gundarks and secured enough crystals that each of the Jedi could build a lightsaber.