by David T. Gay


I eat my dream-Lotus every morn and, in my Luddite soul,

wonder whether I have discovered the true reason why America became wasteland.

It's technology, not opiates, that rage like Cyclops v. Odysseus, ravaging America.

Thanks to social media, midgets can become President of our egalitarian society.

Not height-challenged but malformed nerves did win the American White House.

To reach the top shelf of moral-planar reality, with his disability,

technology must enable his whims. He can launch, like North Korea's missiles,

but only on Twitter, not killing anyone, rather conniving to rewrite history.

Love for Lee on horseback overwhelmed him, and he made a mistake.

We like Daisy Dukes. We can forgive mistakes. Many weep and many

smile as we wonder whether this madness will end before we die.

I eat my lotus and wonder why Odysseus did not die